Those names and faces belong to our friends and neighbors.

Filiberto, a retired farmworker, worked for a large local agricultural business for 37 years.

He’s delighted to receive a monthly box of food for low-income seniors that includes cereal, cheese, juice, canned meat, poultry or fish, milk, peanut butter, plus seasonal fruit and veggies.

Filiberto’s Story

Maria often attends one of our large Wednesday food distributions in Oxnard with her mom and baby sister.

She loves receiving fresh fruit like strawberries and her mom is grateful for the box containing pantry items like rice, pasta and peanut butter that help her stretch her tight budget.

Maria’s Story

Jessie is a manicurist. She lives with her husband, granddaughter and great grandchildren.

The nutritious food she receives from a food pantry in Ventura County helps ensure that the family can stretch their limited funds to pay critical bills and stay afloat.

Jessie’s Story

Why we’re here.

Because, on the front line of hunger relief, we have learned that the reason people require help is as varied as the people we serve.

We accept their willingness to stand in line for food as sufficient proof they have a genuine need.

Experience has taught us that some in line have greater needs than others, but the difference between the “haves and have-nots” is nearly indiscernible.

We do not ask why and we do not judge. In fact, the line of hungry neighbors inspires us to work even harder to provide for those in need.

We understand the complexity of life – be it decisions or circumstances – that leads someone to a food line.

We care for them in the same way that we would want to be helped, should we ever be in need as well.

Every day we come to work passionate about leading the fight against hunger and every day we leave knowing we’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

There is one truth we hold above all others – together, we can ensure that no-one in Ventura County goes hungry.