Executive Leadership

Monica White
President and CEO

Email Monica
805-983-7100 x111

Brian Fisher
Chief Operating Officer

Email Brian
805-983-7100 x118

Denys Pereira
Chief Financial Officer

Email Denys
805-983-7100 x108

Jennifer Caldwell
Chief Development Officer

Email Jennifer
805-983-7100 x129

Marketing & Development

Vivien Minton
Marketing Director

Email Vivien

Kristy Pollard
Grants Director

Email Kristy
805-983-7100 x115

Caitlin Barringer
Programs Manager

Email Caitlin
(805) 620 2240

Volunteer Services

Christina Forino
Director of Volunteer Services

Email Christina
805-983-7100 x104


Angela Aparicio
CSFP Coordinator

Email Angela
805-983-7100 x154

Edgar Sandoval
CSFP Coordinator

Email Edgar

Juan Padilla
CSFP Driver

Email Juan

Agency Relations

Pam Castro
Agency Relations Manager

Email Pam
805-983-7100 x134

Annabel Herrera
Agency Relations Coordinator

Email Annabel
805-983-7100 x103

Iris Salazar
Retail Supervisor

Email Iris
805-983-7100 x157


Andy Murphy
Operations Manager

Email Andy
805-983-7100 x141

Chelsea Kuntz
Inventory Control Director

Email Chelsea
805-983-7100 x132

Laura Thomson
Facilities and Food Safety Supervisor

Email Laura
805-983-7100 x119

Kevin Herold
Operations Supervisor

Email Kevin
(805) 290-7588

Luther Kahra
Inventory Control Assistant

Email Luther

Jesus Villagomez
Warehouse Assistant

Email Jesus

Francisco Avila
Warehouse Assistant

Email Francisco

Matt Gilling

Email Matt

Chris Wassel

Email Chris

Andres Orduna

Email Andres

Stevess Thompson
Rescue Sorting Lead

Ed Skains
Facilities Coordinator

Email Ed


Meghan Cipolla
Accounting Manager

Email Meghan
805-983-7100 x109


Jenny Gamez
Office Administrator

Email Jenny
805-983-7100 x100

Michelle Hatch
Executive Administrative Assistant

Email Michelle
805-983-7100 x133

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