Volunteers are the backbone of Food Share. They not only play an essential role in helping us feed the hungry, but embody the spirit of community and compassion that defines our family of volunteers. Led by Christina Forino and Jenny Gamez from Food Share’s volunteer department, more than 3,500 people donate their time to us each year. We cannot thank them enough! Here are some of our favorite photos from the past year.

Doing the Bread Run.

Spotted our Food Share trucks in your neighborhood early in the morning? It’s probably one of our teams of devoted weekly volunteers who brave all types of weather to “do the bread run” — the job of collecting unsold food from retail partners across Ventura County. Their tireless efforts ensure no food goes to waste and our supplies are enhanced with diverse items, like meat, dairy, and yes, bread! A few were kind enough to provide their thoughts about what brought them to Food Share and why they continue to volunteer.

I am grateful for the privilege of being part of the greater team dedicated to reducing food insecurity in our community. I feel my participation and contributions truly help solve a very large and important societal issue. I have enjoyed meeting and working with many wonderful people in the Food Share family.

Dave Curci

Several years ago, a friend enlisted a handful of us to help at a Food Share distribution. That started a long list of opportunities for me, including food rescue sorting and packing kitchen-free bags. Then I was asked if I could be a bread truck helper. Here I am today, driving the Ventura route weekly and loving it!

Angela Marchbanks

I retired from teaching high school math in Oxnard three years ago. It was rewarding because I was preparing many students to be the first ones in their family. to go to college. I get that same feeling of knowing I’m doing something to help others by driving a truck for Food Share. I look forward to my shift each Tuesday.

Randy Guzik

Our family has had a strong affinity for this tremendous organization and what it stands for since the 1980s, when my mother- in-law volunteered to set up Food Share’s first computer system. In my approximately 15 years as a volunteer, I cannot think of another affiliation that appeals to me as much as this one! I truly look forward each week to my upcoming shifts and the other fine people with whom I will be interacting.

Jerry Mendelsohn