Monthly Giving

Become a
Harvester of Hope

In the face of rising hunger and food insecurity, Food Share stands as a beacon of hope for countless families. And now, you can too.

Your once a month donation makes a difference every day.

As a monthly donor, you’ll provide stability, allowing us to plan ahead, strategically source food, and distribute it to those in urgent need. A consistent flow of funds ensures we can keep our operations running smoothly, and more importantly, keep food on the table for our neighbors.

1 in 4 people in Ventura County experience food insecurity.

66% have had to choose between food or receiving medical treatment.

Food Share serves 260,000+ individual people on an annual basis. But there are still more going to bed hungry.

Here's how your monthly support can impact lives:

Your gift provides the resources to sustain our long-term initiatives that lead to some of the biggest impacts in our community.


can provide fresh fruits and vegetables for a family.


can help us stock our shelves with nutritious canned goods for numerous families.


can enable us to provide hot meals for seniors who may otherwise go without.


can support community outreach programs that connect people to resources.

When you join, you do more than just donate funds – you multiply their impact.

Food Share has a powerful network and strong partnerships that allow us to stretch every dollar beyond its apparent value. Here’s how:

1. Leveraging Purchasing Power:

Our relationships with farmers, retailers, and other food suppliers enable us to buy in bulk at reduced prices, meaning your dollar can provide more food than if spent at retail prices.

2. Maximizing Food Rescue:

We rescue surplus food from supermarkets and restaurants that would otherwise go to waste. Each dollar you contribute helps us transport, store, and distribute these valuable resources to those in need.

3. Fueling Volunteers:

A significant portion of our work is carried out by dedicated volunteers. Your donation helps train, equip, and coordinate these amazing individuals who give their time and energy to feed the hungry.

In essence, each dollar you contribute delivers more than a simple meal – it brings hope, creates sustainable change, and fights the cycle of poverty and hunger. So when you join, remember: your impact is amplified, making a difference that’s far greater than you might think.

The Benefits of 
Subscribing to Compassion

We believe in the circle of giving, and it doesn’t end with your generous donation. As a monthly donor, you’ll enjoy:

    • Satisfaction: Feel the joy and fulfillment of knowing that you’re making a direct, sustained impact on the lives of those who need it most.
    • Connection: Stay connected with regular updates on how your monthly contributions are making a difference, and stories from the people you’re helping.
    • Efficiency: Set up your donation once, and change lives every month, without additional effort on your part.
    • Flexibility: You’re in control. Increase, decrease, or cancel your monthly donation at any time.
    • Tax Benefits: As a non-profit organization, your donations to our Food Bank are tax-deductible.

Your monthly commitment is a lifeline for those struggling with hunger. It’s a promise of nourishment, hope, and resilience. It’s a testament to the power of community and the love we share for our neighbors.

We invite you to become a Give Every Monther – a true G.E.M. in our fight to ensure that no one in Ventura County goes hungry.

Because every meal matters, and so do you.