Welcome to Farm Share

An innovative and impactful initiative to cultivate fresh, high-quality produce for our community.

Be part of the inspiring story that brings Farm Share to life.

A seed was planted

Farm Share emerged from the compassionate insights of Kate Deardorff, a high school junior, who experienced the pressing need for consistent, quality vegetables in our community firsthand. After volunteering with Food Share, she realized that the supply of fresh produce was sometimes limited. Motivated by the desire to address this problem, Kate, along with her father, Tom Deardorff, decided to dedicate several acres of their family farm for growing produce specifically for Food Share’s clients. Hence, the seed of Farm Share was planted.

Get Involved

Help us sow the seeds of hope in our community – literally. Each day, we are seeking a minimum of 10 volunteers for planting and 15-20 volunteers for harvesting.

Our Farming Schedule

  • Planting Time: Tuesday to Thursday (and Friday if needed), continuing through at least the end of June.
  • Harvesting Time: Commencing the week of July 16th, likely extending into September. The exact duration will be determined after we finish planting.

Daily Shifts

Choose a shift that suits your schedule or stay for both!

Who Should Volunteer?

Volunteering with Food Share is universally inclusive, offering a range of tasks suitable for all abilities, ensuring everyone can contribute to this meaningful cause.

  • Youth Groups: Children age 12+ can learn about the importance of community service, agriculture, and sustainability, or earn volunteer hours for school requirements.
  • Retirees: Stay active and involved in the community, meet new people, and enjoy the satisfaction of contributing to a worthy cause.
  • Corporate Groups: Corporate social responsibility initiatives can benefit from this unique opportunity to build team spirit while serving the community.
  • Families: This is a perfect chance for parents to teach their kids about the importance of giving back to the community and about where food comes from.
  • Individuals: Anyone looking to spend their time meaningfully can participate. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, and make a significant impact in someone else’s life.


“I grew up and live in the area and when I was a kid my mom would play a game with me and my siblings to guess what was growing in the fields. Now I get to be planting on one.”

– Jacob Walker

“Helping on the farm brings back memories of helping my grandparents’ plant as a child back in Australia.”

– Sean Parkinson

“I was led here. I’ve been growing for years in my raised beds, and I’m surrounded by fields where I live 360 degrees I’m surrounded by fields. It’s kind of in my blood. Dirt is in my blood. Construction is in my blood. That is why I’m here.”

– Al Karalius

Spread the Word

Share the opportunity at Farm Share within your networks – community centers, workplaces, schools, or beyond. Your support is appreciated in our collective effort to tackle hunger in Ventura County!

Join Farm Share in nourishing your community

Be a part of our mission to provide fresh, high-quality produce for the 1 in 4 people in Ventura County struggling with food insecurity and make a lasting impact on the whole community.