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Thank you for interest in volunteering with FOOD Share!

Please schedule your volunteer orientation prior to participating in any FOOD Share volunteer activity. The Volunteer Department is available M-F 9am-4pm for orientation. We look forward to meeting you!

Kyle Jorgensen
Community Gardens and Gleaning Coordinator

(805) 983-7100 x 138

Crop Registry

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Pick Guidelines Agreement

Prior to the Pick
  1. Please clearly mark (Tape, Ribbons, Etc.) the crops that you would not like the gleaners to pick. This is the standard operating procedure for the gleaners and they know to stay away from those crops.
  2. Please remove any Furniture, Decorations, Equipment and Vehicles from around the crop that the gleaners may safely pick the produce without harm to your property nor themselves.
  3. Please ensure that if you are not going to be home on the day of the pick that you have given permission to enter your property in writing to the Gleaning Coordinator. If applicable, alert the front gate or give the Gleaning Coordinator the Gate Code in advance to ensure a speedy pick.
  4. Please move animals away from the pick site into a separate area. We want to not only prevent injuries but we also would dislike to let your pet out. Please also remove animal waste from around the crop (If it’s ground crop this may be reason to cancel the pick).
  5. Please place a yard waste trash can towards the crop so that the gleaners may discard rotting produce and leaves. This is especially important with Citrus Trees where we need to leave the leaves at the property they came from.
During the Pick
  1. Please trust the gleaners intuition. Our gleaners are only volunteers so they will only be able to pick the produce to the best of their abilities. They are taught how to pick the tree prior to their first pick and they are also taught that if they would eat then you should pick it. Please allow them to adhere to this and not pick undeveloped, rotting fruit, overripe and underripe produce.
  2. Please help us reduce liability. The gleaners should only be using FOOD Share’s equipment, to adhere to our insurance, please do not ask the gleaners to use equipment that is not FOOD Share’s or walk on roof or a fence.
  3. Please help us be mindful of our county’s most precious resource. If the Gleaners discover any insect that might be a part of a quarantine they will immediately stop picking and return all produce to the yard. We will have the tree examined before we continue.
  4. Please help us protect the health of our gleaners. Please allow them to leave the pick for things like Hot Weather, Rain or Illness. We’ve recommended they don’t use ladders in the rain (Even in a Mist) and temperatures over 85 ℉ we recommend they spend as little time doing hard labor.
Property Entry Agreement

I, the Property Owner,

Allow all representatives of FOOD Share of Ventura County’s Gleaning Department to enter my property for purposes of picking excess produce of my choosing. I, promise to properly mark crops that I would not like the Gleaners to pick. Ensure that they are safe to my knowledge. I also promise to alert neighbors and interested parties that there will be people in my backyard so as not to raise any alarm. I also promise to make sure all pets are locked away so the gleaners don’t have to worry about pets getting out or causing injury.